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Are you an art lover? Then you’ve come to the right place! Many who love art feel they can only see original paintings in a museum or gallery, but have to settle for poster art at home. This is no longer true! At PishPoshPaints, we have made hand painted oil paintings affordable and accessible for all budgets and tastes. We specialize in repainted masterpieces, be they Classic, Modern, or Judaica. Furthermore, we can custom paint an original painting from a photo or digital picture, of a subject of your personal interest and to your specifications. Own an original painting of your child, a family portrait, or even a favorite landscape or architectural view!

What makes PishPoshPaints Unique?
Authentic hand painted paintings, by highly skilled artists at genuinely low prices.

Whether you need a dramatic focal point for a grand-scaled space, a finishing touch for a smaller area, or an impressive painting for the office, you’re sure to find the perfect piece of art for sale here at PishPoshPaints. Each offering is hand-painted using the finest oils on high-quality canvas, and offered at a surprisingly affordable value.


PishPoshPaints Relaunch

April 24, 2014

PishPoshPaints has recently re-launched its website to stay current and fresh for its fast growing customer base. PishPoshPaints is a company that focuses on handpainted oil paintings. Every one of their oil paintings is hand-painted by professional artists, which allows for optimal precision and are then carefully examined by a team of art specialists. PishPoshPaints’ artworks are offered at surprisingly affordable prices, allowing you to enjoy exquisite, museum-quality masterpieces at a fraction of the cost. They recently relaunched their website which has features that allow for easy access, a beautiful color gallery of finished paintings and a video explaining how easy the process is - from start to finish.  To begin the process all you have to do is visit the site. You can then either browse through... Continue Reading →

How to Choose the Perfect Art

January 15, 2014

Choosing the perfect art piece is not always an easy task. Art is highly subjective and therefore each individual will have certain pieces that appeal to him or her more than others.  If you’re choosing out art for someone else, try to notice what sort of things that person appreciates in terms of aesthetics.  You can get a good feeling for this by looking at how they decorate their living and/or work space.   When it comes to choosing the perfect piece of art for yourself, you should choose something that you like, something that speaks to you.  Some people say that it’s more important to find something that you like as opposed to something that looks good or “works” with... Continue Reading →