History of Art

There’s a reason why art has been around as long as it has.
Today, the expansion of visual art is so great that it now includes not only painting, but architecture, dance, sculpture, music, poetry, film, photography, and comics. Of the list, however, the one that has been around the longest, that appeals to the most varied people, and that has the greatest impact on our senses is the medium of painting. It has never been enough for humanity to express ourselves with mere words. From the earliest times, the true expression of thought, feeling, emotion, all found their way out through drawing. Prehistoric cavemen showed their struggle with, and eventual dominance over, fearsome mammoths by scratching it out on the cave walls. Hieroglyphs in ancient Egypt were not just forms of communication, but were used as aesthetic designs in tombs to aid them in facing their biggest fear: life after death.
Art may have evolved in immeasurable ways since then, but its meaning and purpose remains the same. As Leonardo da Vinci, an artist in every sense of the word, said, “Pittura est cousa mentale”- “Painting is a thing of the mind.” The mind includes every aspect of our beings: brain, heart, soul, thoughts, emotions, and feelings. It’s not only people who label themselves artists who feel this intense need to spill out their feelings onto a blank canvas. It’s everyone. Think of the last time you were talking on the phone and doodling absentmindedly in the meantime. What do you think is going onto that piece of paper? Your subconscious thoughts, your inner desires, things that lay beneath the surface, that’s what. And for those of us who simply can NOT draw, as probably many of you are thinking right now? Well then, you of all people need to express yourself by finding other people’s paintings that coincide and agree with your own feelings.
Art is not just a pretty thing to look at, admire, and then forget. Art is a healer of both the mind and body. Scientific studies have proven this. A person’s state of being will shift from one of stress to one of deep relaxation, from a state of fear to one of creativity and inspiration, when exposed to art. There are stories of politicians who keep a roomful of artwork that contains nothing else but a chair. Thus, surrounded on all sides by paintings, they are able to sit down and de-stress. But, really, a whole room is not necessary. Looking at a single piece of art puts a person on a different brain wave pattern, and affects their autonomic nervous system, their hormonal balance, and their brain neurotransmitters. In fact, every cell in the body is affected, along with the person’s attitude, emotional state, and pain perception. Art is frequently used as an inspirational tool in hospitals: patients who are ill experience a renewed sense of hope, positivity, and a newfound ability to deal with difficulty, all of which, in turn, help the patient on the road to recovery.
It is true that in the not so distant past, art was expensive and considered a luxury that only the very wealthy could afford. However, with so many people recently taking to drawing, sketching, and painting, there are now so many, varied types of artwork available that there is something to appeal to each and every differing person’s taste. Not only that, but famous paintings can be repainted by some elite qualified artists for a fraction of the price of the original, with the same quality and attention to detail remaining undiminished. With all these options available, there are choices for every type of person’s preference as well as budget. Everyone can thus be exposed to art and to the inspiration it brings. Art not only inspires with its beauty, but also with its meaning. Painters can hide subtle hints about their ideas and opinions in their artwork, and the viewer will either consciously or subconsciously pick up on those ideas, and then will identify with that work. That is why it’s important to choose a work of art for your home or office that speaks to you, even if you’re not quite sure why. It will inspire you creatively and emotionally every time you look at it.
Art sure has come a long way from being scratched onto the walls of caves with a frayed stick. Although different styles such as watercolor, pastel, and acrylic have had their heyday and then faded out of popularity, there is one technique that has withstood the test of time and the trends of consumers, and that is art that is done with oil paints. Oil paintings have been popular since the fifteenth century. Paints that are oil-based lend a sense of realism to the painting that is nearly impossible to achieve with other techniques. Oil paintings have long been considered the most prestigious of all painting types, due to the ability of the painter to convey the drama and intensity of his subject. The artist is also able to achieve a much higher level of detail using oil paints. It is these kinds of paintings that are able to evoke the biggest and most emotional response from the viewer, and that will lead to inspiration. Whatever the case, being exposed to works of art on a consistent basis, whether it be at home, at the workplace, or when going out, is an important component for every person to lead a healthy, beautiful, and cultured lifestyle.
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