What is reproduction art?

Reproduction art, true to its name, is when art is reproduced without compromising on the original quality and medium.  Oil painting reproduction art, for example, is an oil painting replica of the original piece of artwork.  Reproduction art offers an affordable way to bring beautiful pieces of art into your life. Unlike lithograph prints, reproduction art appears as the original! In fact, many museums around the world use reproduction art as the quality of the painting is kept consistent but the actual original is protected.  Most artists cannot tell the difference between a piece of reproduction art and a piece of original art.  Reproduction art is usually hand-painted.  Highly skilled and talented artists create exact replicas of past masterpieces, bringing them to life time and time again.  The artists creating reproduction art is often trained in one specific type of art and many of these artists, while still creating their own piece of work, are able to make a living by creating reproduction art.  Recreating past masterpieces is no easy feat and only a few are able to do it well.  However, compared to the exorbitant costs of any original piece of art, these artists provide reproductions at a fraction of the cost. The customer doesn’t have to compromise on quality and they can own a beautiful piece of original artwork, an exact replica of their favorites famous painting, at an affordable price.  Reproduction art is indeed itself an art.  Those with a true expertise in reproduction have a unique passion for art and pay very close attention to detail (i.e., replicating the scent of the oil used in an oil painting)! At PishPoshPaints all our reproduction art is painted by highly skilled artist, unlike many of the competitors all the artists are professionally trained ensuring that all finished paintings meet the highest standards.