How to Hang the Perfect Piece of Art

Whether you are looking to hang Judaica Art, Classic Art or Modern Art its important to follow these steps and hang your beautiful painting correctly.

The perfect piece of art can tie together a room and breath life and personality into any given space.  The question of how to hang the perfect piece of art can easily turn the exciting moment to a stressful one.  We’ve all had the typical horror stories involving too many holes in the walls, trying to drill into a beam or hanging a picture that was too heavy and having the drywall rip and the glass frame shatter as the picture comes tumbling down from lack of support.  In order to safety and successfully hand the perfect piece of art, there are a few important rules to follow.  First, use picture-hanging hooks instead of just nails or screws.  They’re meant to keep the back of the painting intact and they’re a lot sturdier than they look.  Make sure you measure your artwork before buying hooks in order to make sure that you buy the hooks that are appropriate for the weight of your piece of art.  In order to balance out the weight, use two picture hooks.  It will help your piece of art stay level (especially when cleaning) and it is just a smarter and safer option.  Speaking about staying level, another trick is to use D-rings as opposed to a wire or twine on the back of the frame so there’s no slipping and sliding.  When hanging the perfect piece of art make sure to use a level, which is always better than just eye-balling it.   Hanging a piece of art is generally a task that’s best suited for more than just one person.   A helper can help you choose the best place on the wall and they can help you hold up the piece when measuring, marking and hanging.  Most important, the best tip when it comes to how to hang the perfect piece of art is to have FUN and get creative!