Lithographs Are A Thing of the Past

If you were looking for a reproduction of your favorite famous painting, until a short while ago you had to settle for a lithograph.  A lithograph is an old method of printing using a stone or metal plate.  It was first used in 1796 and is one of the main ways that art has been replicated since then.  Lithographs are now being replaced by hand painted oil paintings, also called oil reproductions.  These handmade oil reproductions are created on actual canvas and are complete recreations of the original work.  Skilled artisans who in the past would be called “forgers” create these incredible replicas.   Today, they are respected for their skills and museums even buy oil reproductions in order to preserve the originals while displaying the look-alike reproductions.   A museum, naturally, would never get away with displaying a lithograph.  What is most surprising about these oil paintings is that they are made available for a remarkably inexpensive price by PishPoshPaints.  Following simple economic principles, as the awareness has increased, the demand has increased.  As a result of companies such as PishPoshPaints, who are devoted to the love of art, people can now enjoy their favorite painting reproduced using oil on canvas as opposed to a lithograph.  With prices ranging from $90-$400, most oil reproductions are still even less expensive than most lithographs! The revolution of art reproduction is hand painted oil paintings and lithographs are a thing of the past.  They served an important part in the history of printing and art but  now you don’t have to settle on lithographs when you can own a hand painted painting for a low price, many times cheaper than lithographs!X