A Rabbi In His Study

Wilhelm August Stryowski (1834-1917) was a Polish-German painter. Born in Gdańsk, he finished the Gdańsk School of Fine Arts (Danziger Kunstschule). From 1870-1873 he was one of creators of the City Museum (now, National Museum). From 1880 he was art conservator of the museum collection, and from 1887 he was the museum's curator and at the same time - he was a secretary of Association of Friends of Art. From 1873 he lectured in the School of Arts and Artistic Crafts. In 1912, partially paralyzed, he lost command of one hand. He died in Essen in 1917 and was subsequently buried in Gdańsk accroding to his last will.

Most famous works by W.A.Stryowski show Gdańsk society - Jews, Romas, workers, citizens. One of the streets in modern Gdańsk is named after him (unfortunately with wrong spelling).

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